As a writer my job is to come up with great ideas, use characters that generate emotion and write such ripping yarns around them that people are motivated enough to do something.
I’ve done this on many occasions.  For Steve Costi Seafoods where a small ad in Good Living generated 1000 telephone calls every time it ran – and I didn’t even put the offer in the headline you actually had to swim through the copy to get the free fish.
For Hunters Hill High School where we convinced a government to save the school; for Annabel’s Organic Food where the advertising was so successful it generated their home delivery service; for Nestlé and TAFE who were offering educational opportunities and awards for young chefs and for the people of Chippendale who needed council support to fight the Carlton United Brewery development.
Over the years I’ve helped develop brands, created successful advertising campaigns across all media, lobbied governments dealt extensively with the media and worked as communications and media advisor for the Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney.
If you’re after a communications person who can successfully
write and develop campaigns for products across all media,
who understands strategy and is happy to talk clients. A person who can write media releases and political material and who has dealt with, and understands local council and state governments, this is the site for you.

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